Photographs of Dunstan Thompson, family and friends

D.T.'s parents

Mrs Edward White, wife of Chief Justice White, D.T.'s Aunt Leita          

D.T. with Father                                                        D.T. with Mother
D.T. Possibly in naval shipyard Annapolis
D.T. on holiday in New London, circa 1926 with his Aunt Leita's pekinese
D.T. with his parents on liner to Europe, circa 1929

D.T. middle row, far left.  Canterbury School, Conn.  c. 1934

D.T. c. 1936. Just before or after going to Harvard. 

D.T. as a G.I., c. 1942                             Lance-Corporal Thompson, London 1943-4. 
                                                             Photograph by Vogue, shortly after the 
                                                             publication of his first  book of poems. 

The Rocket House, Cley-next-the-Sea.  D.T.'s home 1948-51.

The High Street, Cley.  The Rocket House is on the far right, 
opposite the car, with what was then a pub, The Fishmongers
Arms, immediately beyond.

The Fairstead, Cley.  The wall is the boundary of Cley Hall.
The entrance gate is to the right of the pillar in the foreground,
with the Lodge and its garden to the right of that.   

D.T. and P.T. outside the front door of 
The Lodge, c. 1949

D.T. Rome, November 1950. Outside Santa Maria in Ara Coeli. 
D.T. Grand Canal, Venice. November 1950. 

D.T. Norfolk, c.1952-3 in Saxthorpe Churchyard.

D.T. outside the Slipper Chapel, Walsingham.  
The car is a very old 'baby Austin', as 
far as I know the first he owned.  

Candlelight procession in the High Street, Walsingham.  
D.T. is carrying the processional cross, circa 1954-55.  

D.T. with Howard Turner inside the walled garden 
at The Lodge.  Circa 1965. 

          The Poet, circa 1942.  Drawing by Alfonso Ossorio.