The Halfway House, Page XVIII      

Macarius, the blessed athlete, speaks:

‘The days, you’ll find, will scurry now

Like little desert mice

Away from you.


Live no longer with the Greeks,

Whose time is all they have to show,

Whose marbles still entice

Men to a deathly hue.


Be patient in a land of leeks,

Learn how to market what you grow,

And throw in with the price

A smile or two.


So you will leave the love of books

For Love, who lets me let you know

He waits in a disguise

To welcome you.’


For He is there among the wrecks

Of life: the old and sick, the slow

Unlovely men, the prize

Neurotic crew.


Their wrinkles mask His golden looks;

He smiles behind their sulky no

Response: in each His eyes

Are on you too.


So give Him love for love, who takes

Such pains to find you ways to go

To Him, and sacrifice

Will make you new.