The Halfway House, Page XVII       

See in the sky

The Family of the King pass by:

There clouds reflect

Also the donkey’s grey aspect.


Close to her heart

She holds One from whom all things start,

This Mother who

Flees into Egypt after you.


The land of sin,

With monstrous idols dwelling in

The soul, awakes

And at the donkey’s footfall quakes.


All those huge stone

Things shudder, those works of evil done

That self might have

Its own way to a colossal grave.


This Jewish child

In her arms sees nothingness piled

Sky high, and cries,

God cries, and the sad look leaves your eyes.


Simply He wills,

Because she asks, to end your ills:

The slow return

Begins, your heart having much to learn.


All, then, is due

To her unwarranted love for you,

Seeing her Son

Dead in vain unless your sins undone.


She has no fear

Of city or sand, being so near

To God, and brings

You home while the donkey bell rings.