Our Lady of the Way       


As with the air

Yet in the sea

A shore


On mountains

As in valleys

By wells

And fountains


Over the sand

Over the snow

Where trees stand

Or flowers grow


Likewise in gutters

Behind bars

And counters

Locked shutters


On trains


At cross roads

The stock exchange



At great dances

Despite cancer

Beyond the speed of sound


Among gypsies

And doubtful scholars

In theatres

And coal cellars


Always in churches


With nurses

Women doing the wash


From Albany

To Zagazig

With mandarins

And negroes


Yes, in the movies

The Senate lobby

By open graves

At the china cupboard


On beaches

And ocean liners

With miners

And school teachers


In the Jewish quarter

Beauty of Carmel

Notre Dame de Sion

With the eldest daughter


In shoe shops

And courts of law

With the happy

Serving supper


Before the news

By the barbed wire

Between rosary beads

In falls from power


Beside the dying

The thieves and liars

The millionaires


Beside the saints


As with the air

We do not see you

Yet you are there

Our Lady of the Way