(Saint Rose of Lima)


Rose. Rose.

Rose of all roses.


White rose

And red rose

And gold rose


Together in you,

Rose of all roses,

Rose of Peru.


Rose. Rose.


From childhood

To girlhood

In grace.

Living Veronica’s Veil


With the rose

Of Christ’s Face


Rose. Rose.

Singing through youth

In a garden of thorns

Where your hermitage rose

Like a castle of truth.

Pale rose made more pale

At the sight of the sins

Of the world.


Rose laughing from fear

At the look of your bed -

Smashed china whereon

The rose of your penance had bled

For Lima

For Spain

For Rome

And for all.


Rose. Rose.

Rose of all roses.

Pure rose.

Now in the garden of Heaven

Beyond every thorn

Remember the least

Of those

With a claim

On your name,

Rose. Rose.

But born on your feast, Saint Rose


May 29th, 1973