Did the heroes worry, wonder how

     The rope would hold?

Did the moat appear too wide a throw?

     Suppose they should feel cold?


What was hidden? What was always kept

     A secret? Which

Way of reading maps made them adept

     At missing the wrong niche?


Now the arts of chance which master us,

     Can they be learned?

If the toad became a prince, must bus

     Loads of us still be spurned?


Why the question, if the answer asks

     Someone else to

Be the brave who leaves his tribe? The masks

     We dance in, are they true?


Is the meaning only waiting? Will

     The poem resolve

Our nerveless doubts? Can poetry fill

     The void that words involve?


Should we find, and should we know, and should -?

     And what if these

Perishing subjunctives are? And could

     We be happy and at ease?


Tell us, Heroes, may we hope to find

     Calm and control

Over elements, and peace? Are kind

     Ways open to the soul?