Arcana Imperii       

Remember: deference to the Senate:

Caesar perished from a want of tact.

But no senator on any excuse

To be allowed in Egypt,

Or ever to have a triumph

In Rome.

Always make certain

Of the grain supply.

In times of war

And famine

Coins should be inscribed:

‘Peace And Plenty’;

In times of revolt:

‘Concord Of The Legions’.

Coins may be minted then

From gilded brass.

The frontier

To remain on the Rhine.

Build more elaborate fora,

Give more extensive games

Than your deified predecessors did.

In the Domus Caesaris command

The slaves to polish the marbles

So that you can see

Who approaches from behind.

Pay the soldiers

And do not fall out

Among yourselves.

The Christians

To the lions.

Trust nobody.